Wednesday, 27 May 2009


It seems that it's been at least four minutes since anyone talked about Jade Goody, so her mum's taken the opportunity to dig it up again (sorry) with one of the most shameless acts of story-selling I've ever seen in my life. You can find the article here.

Apparently Jade's visited her mum twice, so she just HAD to give an interview about it. Now, I don't give a shit about the paranormal, but ghosts and delusional crackpots aside, isn't it a bit coincidental that this has happened to a woman who would sell her own daughter (oh wait...) if she could? Also a bit dodgy that Jade apparently had all interview fees donated to cancer charities. No money for Mummy then. So possibly an opportunity to line her pockets now that her daughter has no say?

Apparently the first occurence was a face in the clouds. What, something like this?

Also, apparently Jade wrote in a steamy mirror 'light a candle for me mum'. What dead person asks that? This whole thing sounds like a very bad film, something like P.S. I Love You. Ugh, how sickening.

Also, Jackiey goes on to talk about what Jade did in her final moments. Funny, I thought she'd have saved that for next week's News of the World, she'd get paid twice that way.

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