Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Because everyone needs a real-life Garfield in their life.

Best feline obesity photo ever.

Post 84 - sponsored by something or other.

Can't help but vent my irritation that on leaving the telly on while I try to make a wage filling out surveys about Smirnoff vodka, I was unexpectedly contributing to the ratings of Big Bang Theory and some cutting edge' bollocks on C4+1 with that one with the hair from McFly and standard soul-destroying T4 presenters.

However, it was not the poor quality of the programming permeating my subconcious and almost definitely damaging my psyche that bothered me so, it was the fact that upon checking what the hell I was watching after some twat in a pink hoodie and scrunchie came bounding on stage rapping to Ian Van Dahl or some other instantly-recognisable Balearic noise, I was disgusted to discover that legally, a programme on a terrestrial channel can be named after a fast food chain semi-frozen drink.

The offending programme, called The Crush with KFC Krushems (don't even get me started on deliberately incorrect spelling for kitsch value or I'll end up passed out in a pool of blood with some poor fast food marketing manager's larynx in my tightly closed fist) and it seems to be showcasing a number of music never-has-beens and primary school children with drumkits.

Oh, and "comedy legend" [which must be used as a prefix by law now] Ricky Gervais is a guest, needed for his expertise in Biffy Clyro, no doubt.

Right, its 1.38 and I need some E45 for the self-inflicted laptop burn I've caused from lack of movement for the last 12 hours. Should probably change the channel on the Virgin box so I don't get pissed off by accident in the morning when I turn the telly back on.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Wicz Hunt

I've been awakened from a 3-month long coma by the Boxing Day furore caused by Peter Serafinowicz and the 'world's worst joke on Twitter'. As I write this, the outrage rolls on, without so much as a sniff of the original tweet that caused the uproar.

Funnily enough, it seems there are hundreds of people out there who are disgusted at his behaviour, a worrying indictment of where entertainment and censorship is heading if the Daily Mail readers have their way. 99%, however are chewing their own hands off in anticipation and curiosity about what simple words could have possibly caused such a volatile reaction.

And here's the rub - this is a superbly-orchestrated hoax. Well-played Peter, although I can't help but think society has lost on this one.