Sunday, 22 November 2009


Came across some stunning images taken by an anonymous radiologist somewhere in the States. Known only as 'Surfactant', the Flickr user uploads images of various traumas captured on X-rays. This one teaches a valuable lesson about the letting go of grenades without delay.

There's a few others, ranging from point blank gunshot wounds to dildos that are 'beyond retrieval'. While we're on the subject, it's almost a constant surprise as to what things people put where. Just such an example is an expanding foam earplug in an unfortunate gentleman's urethra, where urinal backflow becomes an urgent medical concern.

Like grizzly? Click is good.

If you work in an office, probably best to save looking at these until you get home.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

3 elephants and a Nazi.

Morbid curiosity led to me watching Gillian Mckeith beating the emotional shit out of some fat girls getting married in Channel Four's 'Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress'.

I was prepared for her no-nonsense approach, but some of her remarks made me wonder who the fuck's side she was on. Storming into a wedding shop and pushing an assistant aside, she screamed at the terrified bride-to-be 'you'll need more than a bouquet, more like a beach ball to cover that MASSIVE BELLY!'

I wouldn't mind the cruel-to-be-kind thing, but the editing was almost as bad as when Gillian shoves a diseased heart in a vending machine and forces the poor bitch to pick it up. And let's not forget the slo-mo shots of the CHICKEN NUGGETS OF DEATH with Jurassic Park sound effects remixed with heart monitor flat lines.

The choice between being obese and prodding at shit all day to me is somewhat of a no-brainer. Bring on the fucking chips.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Yes, yes. I know. I see the last post date too. It won't happen again.

For now, here is something I neither understand, nor wish to.

I was going to make a sort of pun about the Japanese Dole marketing team being a bit like the featured fruit, but I found it beneath me to do so.

Just about.