Thursday, 21 May 2009

Jeremy Kyle seen in Sheffield playground.

Not content with verbally berating the less intellectual members of the British public on his show, Jeremy Kyle has been let loose on the streets of... Sheffield to single-handedly tackle knife crime. Never before has a television premise promised so much and delivered so little.

The result ended up being Jeremy driving around with a black man telling him 'how it is on the street', chasing after teenagers in balaclavas in playgrounds and getting angry at drug dealers.

Then, in some kind of Sister Act-esque plotline, he decides to solve the problem of knife crime with... a disco. I can't fucking wait. 'It won't be like any club, it'll be open late and everything'. God, why didn't anyone else think of that? Because it's a shit idea, that's why. In fact, does it even classify as an idea to make a club for teenagers who like to stab each other? It sounds like more of a sport to me.

Funniest moment on the show? Jeremy confronts a teenager who threatens to smash up his camera. Jeremy retorts 'I'm not scared of you and your little threats', to which the kid replies that he means it. Jeremy responds by running to his car, muttering some excuse about not achieving anything here.

Way to go Jeremy, you just got owned by a 12 year old.

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