Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Saucily barbed.

HellOOO theaar! I hope you'll be WAtching thees since I have an amAZingly FRUIty voice!!

What on earth is it with all the mental voice overs nowadays? It started off with that Geordie on Big Brother. Then it was the E4 'oh look at me and my comedic voice' man, and now with Come Dine with Me being all about the talking man and the fact that the poor sods of contestants can't hear him.

This is the Come Dine with Me Man. I bet you've never seen him before have you? Here's a quote from his online portfolio.

"Down-to-earth & engaging. Sarcastic & great timing. Well known voice of C4's Come Dine With Me: "Dave Lamb's saucily barbed voice over is a gourmet delight in its own right". Metro, 20 June 2008."

Saucily barbed voice? LOL.

It seems that you need either a northern accent or confused intonation to work in Channel 4 as a voice over artist. Fuck Attenborough, we've moved on.

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