Sunday, 2 May 2010


I feel naive, like I'm discovering the wicked ways of the world tragically too late. After the seismic activity surrounding 'Bigotgate', I stupidly thought that a news story surrounding a popular Tory MP conducting 'cure sessions' for homosexuals would be considered news for the major tabloids.

Unfortunately for those who regard rampant homophobia within the Conservatives as in the public interest, searches for 'Philippa Stroud' ended in 0 results on the following websites:

News of the World
The Sun
The Express
The Daily Mail
The Telegraph
Channel 4

It appears only the Guardian and the Independent are acknowledging this story exists at all. As a result I feel lost and alone in a world too large for me, desperately hugging my copy of yesterday's Guardian, my tears marking a trail in the rapidly fading newsprint.

Of course, there is light in all of this, maybe that stuff about the Tories being in the lead isn't true after all. And besides, with this being the first election with genuinely strong social networking between the young in things of this matter, they haven't felt the full force of the Twitter hammer yet.

So here's my threat, vote Tory and I'll block you from my Facebook.