Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tommy Wiseau will act like a retarded dolphin for cash.

Tommy Wiseau, famously terrible director of The Room released his newest short film on Comedy Central in the early hours today. It's called The House that Dripped Blood on Alex and is as bollocks as the title. Instead, I've coined it The Mong that Got Lucky and Made Another Wank Film that Isn't Even Funny Like the First One. Ok, could do with some work but it's 11.15 and I'm eager to get this article done.

Great idea, get a shite director who made a shite film that was meant to be good but ended up being funny to make a horror film that's meant to be shite and funny and is shite but not funny. Wait, does that work? Maybe it does. I haven't a fucking clue anymore.

Oh, then Joey Greco from Cheaters shows up and I have to put down my pizza in digust. Seriously, the guy's a greasy freak. Even more than Tommy Wiseau, who looks and sounds like Christopher Walken after brain death.

It's better because it's looped.

For me, his wife's expression is a remarkable insight.