Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Binge drinking with Michelle Heaton?!

Be careful what you wish for. It seems ITV were asked to produce a hard-hitting documentary to tackle the nation-wide 'alcodemic', and as a result, decided to film Liberty X's Michelle Heaton drinking herself to death over a month.

Wait, scratch that first sentence, this seems like it has promise. Not in the way ITV probably hoped, though. Do they not find it slightly suspicious that Michelle Heaton was the FIRST to volunteer for the (all expenses paid) booze, with the added benefit of getting on the telly?

Particularly wooden acting galore as Michelle tries desperately to pretend she's in a foreign environment as she steps into a club and orders a drink. Is this really an experiment? If anything, she looks like she's reducing her intake rather than increasing it. Maybe that's why she feels so unwell.

In one memorable segment, Michelle takes a singing lesson and sounds awful, then blames the alcohol for ruining her vocal chords. Has she ever listened to one of her CDs? If anything, the vodka's helping.


  1. Do you know Michelle personally?? Have you seen her recently?? People have a very bad perception of Michelle.. I saw her recently at an event, she looked amazing and was drinking WATER!

    Harsh comments!!

  2. well question, do u know her personally.

    i mean if u see some fat guy at mac donalds eating healthy food, that doesnt immediately mean that he is losing wate or what so ever.

    everybody can look amazing whit make up or something else.

    i think the correct thing here to say is ,
    dont judge a book by his cover



  3. Need there be any question in regards to 'personality' here, look at that goddamn picture.

  4. Look at the picture, go back and watch clips of her on CBB or watch her on 'Snog, Marry, Avoid' none of these give any evidence against the idea of a less than innocent 'personality'.

  5. I agree with the comments above. Just look at that photo. That's clearly of a sensible, dignified woman who would never exploit herself for the sake of the cameras.

    Also, in no way does it remind me of the rhyme that begins 'There was a young woman from Eiling...'