Thursday, 29 October 2009

Red rag.

If you want to get some exposure for your cause, it's easy. Just piss off the Daily Mail and watch the bandwagon form before your eyes. After all, all publicity is good publicity, as they say.

Keep Britain Tidy has in the past few weeks launched a campaign aimed at a younger audience with innuendo-filled posters advocating sensible waste disposal habits.

I see that subtlety isn't exactly their forte in this area, but something tells me that they achieved their purpose when the Mail got all narky about it like just in this here article.

Choice comments under the piece are typical Mail-ish fare, with platitudes such as 'filth' 'waste of taxpayers' money like everything else in this country that's gone to the dogs' and 'sack them! Sack them all! Sack every single one of them and burn them! Burn the traitors and moral decayers until they fry in hell until the end of eternity!'

And, you know, that kind of thing.

Sometimes you have to wonder if they're not in some way encouraging the behaviour they wish to extinguish with their social commentary. It's like the thick kid with the hot temper that everyone used to love winding up at school.

Oh well, if it ain't broke...

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