Monday, 9 August 2010


I am repeatedly reminded of my own naivety when I express my dismay at articles in 'newspapers' such as the Daily Mail. Moreover, the thing that shocks me most is the placement and precedence of these non-stories.

Move aside, sodden Pakistanis, one of OUR BOYS couldn't even get booze at his Co-Op!

So thousands dead in the worst floods in decades is dutifully bumped for a story of no interest to anyone. Except everyone, it seems.

For anyone not familiar, a soldier visiting his local Co-Op in uniform attempted to purchase some beer, but was turned away by two members of staff who had confused the rule about not serving police officers in uniform, and applied it to the soldier. Even typing this has become rather tedious so I'll move swiftly on without further ado.

So about 4 minutes after getting wind of the story, the Daily Mail has some sort of massive journalistic orgasm and immediately turns this gentleman into some kind of national hero.

I can taste the irony from here.

But the thing that worries me here, or rather, terrifies me to the core of my deepest soul, is not that publications like the Daily Mail leap on these stories with such rabid intensity, but the frenzy they whip up in the warped individuals that lurk on these shadowed pages.

Wow, 3 comments and nothing about 'the bloody Muslims yet'. Or... fuck:

Actually, maybe I'm being dramatic. There must be worse out there than the Daily Mail. Oh, wait! Here it is:

According to verified mentalists, both Co-Op employees were soldier-hating, anti-war, Islamic suicide bombers. Currently claiming JSA and council houses, so I hear.

It's been 4 days and still the saga carries on. Can someone just buy this man a beer so we can have 'the news' back?


  1. Hahaha! This is just hilarious! If they really were "soldier-hating, anti-war, Islamic suicide bombers" they'd probably have been more than happy to serve alcohol to soldier. I can't cease to be amazed by the amount of people who'll blindly believe everything said in the Daily Mail.

  2. You've almost got to applaud the stupidity of the person who says "strangely you never see them coming back in coffins through Woolton Basset". I presume that, as open coffins would be wrong, this person would prefer the tributes that make up the floral reefs draped over the coffins include ethnicity of each dead soldier. "RIP PVT GARY JENKINS (WHO WAS WHITE)"