Friday, 20 August 2010


M. Night Shyamalan has mentioned in the past that his 'European sensibilities' are the reason a lot of Americans don't 'get' his films.

So it's not that they're just getting steadily less recognisable as coherent sources of entertainment?

Unfortunately his recent efforts have proved that he is clearly clutching at straws. Cheese straws if his comments are to be believed. If you're really so in tune with Britain, why would you call your most recent film The Last Airbender?

Oh Manny, don't lean on us Brits for support. We hated The Village, we mocked The Happening and we don't know what happened in The Lady in the Water, but it's probably not worth knowing.

Shyamalan's latest film was met with giggles and smirks, until the dialogue got too much for audiences who broke down in hysterics. Can you blame us with corkers like this?

"I could tell at once that you were a bender, and that you would realise your destiny."

If you expect anything other than blatant laughter after that, you're expecting too much.

I like to look at this and think that this might be the moment after they told him.

The killer blow for Shyamalan, however, came from his lead actor, the British Dev Patel. When asked why he didn't mention that 'bender' is a slang term for 'homosexual' to him at SOME POINT during the filming process, he simply said that it was 'too integral' to the dialogue.

Is that just a diplomatic way of saying 'cause it'd be a laugh'?

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  1. And the Nickelodeon series is so good! :( Like, the-best-anime-that-isn't-Ghibli good.

    Interestingly, Nickelodeon seems more in-tune with British audiences as the series was released as Avatar: The Legend of Aang across the board over here.