Friday, 1 April 2011


I'm still trying to fathom whether this is an April Fool's Day wind-up, but my ever-diminishing faith in society leads me to the conclusion that this article in the Telegraph about David Willetts' verbal jizzing is for real.

Normally I scorn the journalism in articles such as these, which tend to deliberately misquote and sensationalise comments teased from doddering old back-benching Tory MPs to whip up a frenzy in the comment boxes below, but here I think they're genuinely on to something.

After all, a quote of 'egalitarianism has been trumped by feminism' is pretty conclusive, no? And what with the event where the quotes were recorded being a briefing with journalists, it's hardly a coup d'etat.

"It is not that I am against feminism, it’s just that is probably the single biggest factor.”

Now, we mock those who begin their sentences with "I'm not a racist, but..." - but is there any difference at all between that and what this man just announced in a room full of journalists?

There's a lot of irony in all this so I'm going to bullet point for clarity and brevity:

1. That he thinks feminism cancels out egalitarianism - last I checked, they were one and the same.
2. That this trend of men losing jobs to women is taking place yet someone as socially backward as him is still employed.
3. That he's an utter cunt.