Saturday, 30 January 2010


I'm tired, and it was this or the YouTube video with the Japanese cat in a business suit.

Are you a devout follower of the 3 second rule? Or is it 5 seconds? Are there mitigating circumstances? What about in front of a boss or someone you respect? Shit, this is a social minefield!

Luckily I have discovered a flow chart to help with this gastronomical dilemma.

To eat, or not to eat floorfood.

Oh fuck it, have the cat as well. It was quite cute.


  1. It's the 5 second rule in our house. Mind you, I adhere to George Carlin's rule about how "we had a good strong immune system, because when we grew up, we swam in LIQUID SHIT in the Brooklyn River". Only, replace 'Brooklyn River' with the provincial British waterway of your choice.

  2. I agree, the 5 second rule is a good one which I use when with company, explaining the immune system theory as a back up if met with repulsion.

    However the 'stickiness' of the object in question is an important factor for me, and can drastically impact my final (albeit snappy) decision.

    Chocolate = yes. Wet things = no (except if particularly good wet food, like beef).

    I'm sure there's a mathematical equation out there for this sort of thing.

  3. I thought the three-second rule is that if you see a woman who you'd like to chat up you have to go for it within three seconds of first thinking about it.

  4. There are some connections missing in that flow chart. However, my basic rule is if it's sticky and I cannot remove the part that contacted the floor, then I throw it out. In all other situations, it can sit there for a week and I'll still eat it.