Monday, 17 August 2009

Celebrity Wife Swap: Tessa Sanderson and Ron Atkinson

Fair play to Channel Four, they really know how to cause social awkwardness. Then put it on the telly.

This week's celebrities swapping lives were 'Big' Ron Atkinson, and Tessa Sanderson. In case the penny hasn't dropped yet, one is a TV pundit whose career was crucified after calling a football player the 'N' word live on Sky Sports. And Tessa? She's black. And good with a javelin. Yum.

As if the setup couldn't be improved, Ron's also a bit of a chauvanist pig, which doesn't sit well with gold medalist Tessa.

Some highlights include his poor bitch of a wife being forced to tell a group of young black kids what her husband said after he thought they'd gone to an ad break. Ron's take on the subject wasn't great from a PR point of view.

TESSA: So, about the thing you said on TV...
RON: NO! *Whistles* Full time! No comment! [Author's note: I don't think whistles work outside football matches, Ron.]
TESSA: But...
RON: She's put you up to this hasn't she? *Gestures off camera*
PRODUCER: [Indignantly] No I haven't!

Ron's refusal to discuss it kind of pissed on Channel 4's bonfire a bit, since the rest of the episode was pretty banal (trying to get a middle-aged man to eat greens isn't fun to do or watch), but nevertheless, worth it for the setup alone.

On second thought, I withdraw my last comment, after accidentally pausing on Big Ron's 'tomato-eating' face.


  1. Great blog. I love wife swap. All the best.

  2. Great show. Well done Ron for having enough patience to stand having that bossy, loud - mouthed woman in your house. Great guy, great manager, great pundit. You're my hero. All the best mate. Lots of love to you and lovely Maggie.

  3. I think Big Ron deserved a medal for being able to stand that bossy, forceful woman in his house. You're my hero, Ron.Love and regards - Scot.

  4. I still miss hearing you on ITV Sport, Ron - you always were my favourite. You're a really cracking bloke and I'd love to take you and lovely Maggie for a drink one night - I'm sure it'd be a great night. All the best mate. Lots of love and best regards to you and lovely Maggie.